Friday, April 28, 2006

Photocopiers, inspiration wires and "the dog".

My mum works in an office supplies store. This comes in handy on days like today when I need to photocopy things. I get a lot of books and magazines out from the library and most of the time I want to keep them, but of course can't. So instead I photocopy the pages I most like. This time it ended up being about 20 pages or so from three different sources: a book called 'The Warhol Look: glamour, style, fashion', an issue of Vanity Fair and another of American Harper's Bazaar. I always have intended purposes for these images, but most of the time they end up in this cardboard document box that I keep hidden away in my wardrobe. I already have a whole heap of pages photocopied from another book on Andy Warhol. As a 1960s-obsessed person I am intrigued by the Factory years, and mostly by Nico. So I have a tonne of pictures of her, and now this one on the top of the pile that I rather like. She's holding her hair up while Andy prints straight onto her paper dress.

So that was the first thing I did today, and when I got home I had a few things to do to finish off my 'art studio', which is actually a tiny space in the garage. It looks much cleaner in this photo - the walls really aren't that white and the desk feels much more cluttered when I'm sitting at it (also, the lamp shade has a big hole in the other side). I was very chuffed last weekend when my mum and I went to a garage sale put on by my old primary and high schools and the church to fund the schools being able to keep their chaplain. They had a whole heap of old school desks for sale, of which this was one. So now I have my own art desk and can leave it in a mess rather than having to pack up every night like when I worked at the kitchen bench. I also love that it's yellow, not that you can see a whole lot of it when it's covered in art supplies. The chair is also a work in progress - I bought it from the recycle market and stripped back three coats of paint (yellow, blue and white) but haven't got any further than that. It's going to be painted white at some stage. I also strung up an 'inspiration wire' to hang pictures off of, tacking one end behind my art cupboard and the other to to edge of the door frame to the lounge room. Hopefully that won't leave too much of a hole if we ever leave our little rented home.

The other highlight to my day, and all my days, is my cat Simba, otherwise referred to as "Fergus" (because that's his middle name) or "the dog" (as in "where's the dog?", as opposed to "where's the cat?". Who knows why). Here he is hiding under my mum's desk. It's always hard to take a photo of him because he turns out as a black blob, but that doesn't stop me photographing him. 'Simba' is Swahili for 'lion' and he is quite a vicious little thing. We definitely have our moments - and I have the scares to prove it - but there are occasions where he shows me affection. I say he loves me but he just pretends he doesn't. I think he looks sad today, which is why I took the photo.

And lastly, thank you to Samantha for being the first person to comment on my new blog.


Blogger Samantha said...

Just couldn't resist - had to go and post another comment.

You did well withthe desk find. I also think the chair's pretty cool too.

But the best part is your Simba. He is so handsome!

2:24 AM  

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