Monday, May 01, 2006

A literal enactment of a playful intrigue

This weekend was a three day weekend because today is Labour Day. It doesn't really mean much to me because I don't work anyway, but it means that my mum is home an extra day. I still live with my mum - it is just the two of us and always has been. So we are close and I look forward to the weekends when we can spend time together. Not that we did much extra with the longer time. On Saturday afternoon though we went to my Grandparents' house, as they are away, to check on the house and do some of their washing. They have cable so it is nice whenever I get the chance to be there and be able to chose what is watched. I chose Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I had seen it once before - in the first class of 'Coast to Coast: Mystery Writing and the City' at uni we watched a short snippit from when the birds first attack at the children's birthday party. It was in a dark lecture theatre with very loud surround sound and I blame that for me being very scared. After that I had to get the film out on DVD to see the whole thing and was very impressed by my first Hitchcock experience. And being that this time it was a choice between it and Terminator 2, which is one of my all time favourite movies that I can watch a million times, The Birds did very well in being chosen first. That and Mum refused to watch Terminator 2 one more time.

I have done a little craft work over the weekend but really need to get my hands on a sewing machine. I have all the material cut to make more pinchushions but I will have to wait until Grandma comes home so I can use her machine. Also when she returns I have been enlisted to help re-cover her dining chairs, given that everyone was so impressed with the job I did on ours. I'm very excited that I get to use my staple gun! While sitting at my art desk on Saturday wondering what else I could make with my growing pile of material, I looked around at everything in front of me and spied the coaster my glass of cordial was resting on - a coaster from a set my aunty had sewn and given to everyone in the family a few Christmases ago. I turned it inside out and tried to work out just how this seemingly tricky thing worked, to find it was just a few folds and one bit of sewing. It's basically 36 (for a set of 4) 11cm x 11cm squares folded, ironed and stitched, with a bit of stuffing in between. The only hard bit is cutting out the squares - I can't draw two that are remotely similar in size, despite using a set square. So if in the end it all works out I will take photos and maybe provide directions.

It also looks like I've sold my old computer - for $250. It's not enough to make up the money drained from my bank account in buying the new one, but it will help towards a new printer, or even a sewing machine!


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