Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The delicate art of:

Today has been rather unproductive. I slept in, which is becoming the norm lately. Then when I got up all I did was sit on the couch and watch TV for hours and hours. It was only supposed to be for a minute, but then I got hooked into a package about The Bold and the Beautiful on 9am, and then switched to Home Improvement, which lead to My Wife and Kids and then the news. The news was far too depressing so I had a shower and came back to watch two episodes of 8 Simple Rules and then got so hungry that I had to make lunch. What an adventure that turned out to be! Last night's leftovers of corned meat plus cheese and tomato on a sandwich ended with me slicing open my thumb and bleeding non-stop. I learnt in art at school to always cut away from you, but have never found that to be very practical. I guess I learnt my lesson. I have also learnt not to use the really big sharp knife. I must give the knife props though for being so sharp that it cut through my finger nail.

My trip to the flea market on Sunday was very fruitful, bringing home these two books for 50c each, 5 metres of beading thread for $2 and this blue vase for $6. It sort of makes my spending $7.50 on Frankie magazine seem a little extravagent. My mum thinks I spend too much on magazines and need to cut out Vogue. I doubt that's going to happen, and rationalised to her that I only get Frankie, Vogue, Real Living and Rolling Stone (which I subscribe to) regularly. And Frankie only comes out every second month anyway. And I doubt there's a cuter magazine out there. It has a section called 'I love my shop' and features independent store owners and (obviously) why they love owning their own shop. They also use polaroids a lot and give recipes for cupcakes and soups and write really funny, relevant stories. Plus it keeps my dreams alive of writing for a magazine, as they accept freelance articles and photos. One day I must get my act together and give that a go.

I was rather silly the other day and locked myself out of my Flickr account and can't remember any of my information to sign back in. I emailed them but they haven't replied, which makes me wonder if anyone ever answers an email asking for help. They certainly don't in my experience.

Anyway, all is well when I am listening to my Best of Motown CD.


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