Friday, June 16, 2006

Chinese Food

Today is my mum's 45th birthday. That scared me, like she is old and I might lose her. My grandma was that age when I was born though and she is still around, and will be for a million more years to come. So last night Grandma and Poppy took Mum and I out for Chinese for her birthday. We do occasionally have Chinese, we don't however go out to eat it. Usually it's when we're at Grandma's after a win at the races (which is the only time we can afford it - we eat so much) and we share all the different meals. And after last night that seems like a much better idea than eating out. We went to Holiday Inn, which is across the road from Bamboo Gardens. See apparently Holiday Inn is far better for eating in due to the quality of their food when eaten in the restaurant. However, when taken home in plastic boxes the food becomes somehow inferior and which is why Bamboo Gardens is the place for takeaway. You work it out. I prefer Bamboo Gardens whichever way you look at it. Chinese food becomes very monotonous when you're eating only one sweet and sour pork. So my vote is for staying home next time and sharing everyone else's food, even though there was some sharing last night, much to Mary's delight. Mary is the Chinese owner of Holiday Inn, and very insistant that you don't have a moments rest between courses.

It's funny how you forgive a Chinese restaurant for tacky decorating. Actually, it was quite beautiful with it's shiny wallpaper and lanterns and huuuuge silk artworks. I was excited to see what over the top delights could be crammed into the bathroom, only to find painted green walls and a bowl of plastic flowers floating in water.

I'm taking Mum to the movies tomorrow or Sunday for her birthday, assuming we can agree on a movie to see. I told her it was the movie of her choice, but I'm not sure I should have done that given that I never want to see anything she suggests at the DVD store. I'm hoping for Over the Hedge. There's also Cars or The Break-Up, or X Men 3. So I suppose I'd settle for any of those. I haven't been to the cinema since Must Love Dogs, and that's been on DVD for ages. I must get out more.


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