Thursday, June 08, 2006

And everything seems to be, some kinda wonderful

I started making these last Thursday night while watching Lost. They are Chocolate-Butter Pecan Toffee. I got the chocolate book from the library and couldn't even wait until the next to start making something but the only ingrediants I had were sugar, butter and water to make the caramel that's inside. So it's basically caramel poured out onto a baking tray to make a thin layer, broken up, dipped in chocolate and covered in chopped nuts. They are called Chocolate-Butter Pecan Toffee, but pecans on their own were too dear ($20 a kilo and I need 1 and a half kilos!) so I used a bag of mixed nuts instead. They taste very, very yummy.

The marigolds I planted a little while ago have all flowered. I love how they've all come out different colours. I'm not very good at caring for flowering plants. I even kill impatients and most of the time marigolds, which are suppose to be the easy ones that take your neglect and turn it into colourful beauty.

Aunty Vicki's birthday was yesterday, and since we hadn't bought her anything I made this 'magazine bag'. That's what Real Living magazine called it, but I'd need about ten of them to carry home a month's worth of my magazines. The fabric is interesting too, as I got a heap of it for $1 from an op shop the other week. Then when I went to Spotlight they had a roll of it, and also the same but in blues, for $5.99 a metre. Here I was thinking it was vintage or something, but I still got it for a bargain. The blue bag is for my baby cousin Fergus, and Vicki can use it for a dirty clothes bag or for toys or something. I used the peg bag pattern but made it longer. I'm going to run out of these wooden hangers soon. The paper bag was decorated by a friend who used it to give a gift to either Mum or I in, but I'm going to re-use it for Vick. I've also made a library bag like my mum made for me in primary school, only mine's out of a flannellette pillow case and the one she made me was out of a tea towel. I just need to find something pink or blue to use as a drawstring.

On the weekend I got the Classic Dusty Springfield CD and a double CD of The Drifters and The Platters. The Drifters are on at the moment. I've loved them since a few of their songs were in the movie Last Days of Paradise, like "Dance With Me" and "There Goes My Baby" (which is the name of the movie in the States and elsewhere, FYI). But now that I've got the CD I also realise they sing a lot of other songs I like, such as "Saturday Night at the Movies" and "Some Kinda Wonderful". Music is full of surprises.


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