Monday, May 22, 2006

Aprons and eBay

These are the aprons that I have spent the last few days fighting over with my sewing machine. I've finally given up and am going to go to my Grandma's to use her machine to sew the straps on. I got the neck strap on the lemon apron but it just refuses to do the side straps. It's such a shame because the machine was working fine when I made the green one on Friday and it's the one I'll be keeping for myself (because I refuse to part with the fabric). But now the pink and lemon ones are the ones for giving away and they're the ones with missed stitches and messy stop/start hems. If my sewing machine would allow me I'd be finishing these off like a production line because they're just so easy. By the third one (the pink) I gave up on doing the rounded corners at the bottom though because I can't be bothered gathering them. The lemon and pink polka dotted fabrics are the ones I bought yesterday at Spotlight and the green is from an op shop. It is really hard for me to buy new fabric from a store when I can get metres from op shops for a dollar. After I had bought the two from Spotlight Mum and I found some cheaper and even prettier fabrics on the other side of the store. At least we know where they are for next time.

Whoever said selling things on eBay was easy was a liar! And you have to pay selling fees?! Bugger off. I want to sell some books that I have more than one copy of (ones I've been given and already had) but I'd have to sell them for a lot more than I'm comfortable with to get back my money. This is one of them (I accidentally deleted the picture I took of the other, Australian Political Institutions). See, I even put the pretty fabric in the background and took pictures of the insides and spine. They tell you to take lots of pictures for better chances of selling your stuff, but then they want 50c a picture. Anywho, I think I will just continue to be an eBay browser.


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