Sunday, May 07, 2006

To love you need to have a history

This is how my Mother's Day gifts for my mum and grandma turned out. They have my "Where I'm From" poem in the middle, and patches of paper made into a frame. The pink one is for Grandma, to match her bedroom, and the blue one is for Mum. They didn't take a lot of effort but turned out quite effective. I also made the little cushion for Grandma and it took all of two seconds (ok, maybe an hour or so) though it's not as neat as my first one. Maybe because it is smaller or because I didn't cut the squares evenly. I tried to find a website to teach me blanket stitch but couldn't understand any of it - it's all B to C and Ls, I have no clue. We also bought Grandma the Doctor Zhivago DVD and I am buying Mum licorice allsorts and have decorated a box for them to go in. I think Mother's Day was made for crafting.

Something is wrong with my camera. The pictures keep turning out blurry and not very bright. I don't think I dropped it again, though the two times I did drop it wouldn't have been any help. The first time was about two seconds after I got it and I was taking a picture of Simba when he pulled the arm strap with his claw and ripped it out of my hand onto the floor. And the second time was when I was up the headland on a rainy day and slipped straight into the mud, with the camera in my hand and on so the lens got a fist full of dirt in it. It also seems to depend on the batteries in it, as one set lasts longer than the other and apparently works better.

My mum will be home from Melbourne this evening. She just rang before to say they are at the airport but have an hour to wait until their flight. I made the most of being home alone for the evening - watching Everybody Loves Raymond, Heartbeat and staying up late to watch a movie on SBS, Novo. It was French and with subtitles. I liked being able to say "no that's not what she said", remembering the tiniest fragment of my four years of French class. It was an unusual film, as most foreign films are. I only stuck with it because Anna Mouglalis was in it, and it turned out to have an ok story by the end. She's much younger than I thought, having only seen her in photos before in Vogue and Chanel ads.


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