Saturday, May 06, 2006

Who will love a little sparrow?

See the little bird pillow? Well I made it! For some reason I was inspired yesterday to cut out the shape of a sparrow and sew it on to felt, so I did. I must say that credit is due to Simon & Garfunkel, whose song "Little Sparrow" I haven't been able to get out of my head. I actually wanted the bird to be green, but ended up using the scraps of material I already had so Little Sparrow is paisley blue and the leaves are green. When I showed Mum my felt picture she said I should turn it into a cushion, so again I did. I'm very proud with the result as it is 100% me and my thoughts and I didn't copy from anyone. It's also 100% © Enfant unique 2006, although according to Australian copyright I don't have any right to the pattern, idea or thought process, only the final product. Anyway, as you can see Little Sparrow is now living with Turf, my teddy bear, on my bed.

This is a closer look at the picture as I was sewing the edges before stuffing it (with the stuffing ripped out of an old pillow). The bird is sewed with brown cotton, the leaves and edges with white and the leaves with yellow. I don't remember how to do blanket stitch so they are basically just tacked. I also cannot sew a straight line, as demonstrated by the seams but that's what makes it unique. Grandma also noticed as soon as she got home from being away that I had borrowed her scissors (seen here). I promise to take them back, preferrably before or on the day that I go over to re-cover her chairs. She has also said she'll take me to Spotlight sometime during the week, so that means more stuff! I should get more felt, some blue cotton and anything else that takes my fancy. I also need my own scissors that can actually cut through fabric, but I like our green Wiltshire ones. They just need to be sharpened.

Isn't it nice having a digital camera so I can take photos of nothingness everyday and put them in here? And having a new computer with a card reader so that I can just slip the memory card in and not bother with cables? Yes it is.

I posted Sharyn's parcel today of what I made her (it should get there in the beginning of the week ok Sharyn) and it cost $3.70. It weighed all of nothing! I remember when they priced it by the exact weight instead of anything up to 500g, then you only had to pay 70c or whatever it turned out to be. I also remember when petrol was 50-something cents a litre and am starting to feel old. I'm also cheap, as I re-use the post packs Sharyn sends me to send things to her instead of buying new ones.

I woke up at 4.30 this morning because Mum was leaving for Melbourne, catching a plane at 7am. She's gone to a work conference only until tomorrow. I went back to bed after she left and Simba tried to be a pain in the neck, running around the house stupid, but I fell asleep anyway and woke at 8.30. It took me another two hours to actually get ready and walk to the post office, where I picked the slowest line of all of them (ok, there are only two lines to choose from but it was still very slow).

I just noticed a tear in the sheer curtain so I'm going to go use my newly acquired sewing prowess to fix it.


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