Friday, May 12, 2006

Thrift store jungles

I spent this morning thrift shopping with my friend Stephanie who is home from uni in Brisbane while she is doing prac (for special ed teaching) nearby. I don't have anyone that will go thrift shopping with me so I only get to do the proper shop from one end of town to the other when my high school friends come home, which is rarely. When I think about it, and when I visit them, there are actually quite a few thrift stores in town. (*Counts*) About 8 I think. It takes a very keen eye to find a bargain as they aren't really that cheap for what you are getting. I picked up these curtain (the red, orange and yellow fabric) for $4, the green fabric for $1, the book and frame for $1, the zip for 30c and the buttons for 50c. I also got a little green milk jug to go with my collection of dinnerware for 40c, but I forgot to put it in the picture. And Steph and I went halves in another large piece of fabric but she took it home to cut it. She had to catch the bus to get the train at 11 so we didn't get to all the shops, which meant we missed out on the one that is next to the retirement home and hospital and has lots of cheap goodies. They also have lots of fabric which is why I wanted to go today in the first place, but that will have to wait until another day.

This is my cousin Fergus. I have to show this picture, which Vicki emailed up yesterday, because it shows all his shiny white teeth! Fergus turned one in March and when he was visiting a little while after that all his teeth were coming through together and he was not a very happy boy. He is the cutest thing ever though, and I miss him terribly because he is two states away. He may have to give away his title of being the cutest ever though when his little brother or sister is born later this year. Fergus is the first baby in the family in 9 years so he gets lots of attention. He also ruined the three generation tradition of one boy and a string of girls. My grandma has one brother and five sisters, my mum has one brother and three sisters and I had one boy cousin and four girls cousins. Until Fergus. We're all secretly hoping Vicki will have a girl, and that will even it out a little.

One thing I miss about livejournal is being able to put in what you're listening to. And so that you know, I am listening to my brand new Martha Wainwright CD, which I like very much so far.


Anonymous sharyn. said...

thrift shopping is the best, but it's always even better when you have someone to go with. i really love the curtains you found. in regard to one of your previous entries, the tissue box cover turned out really beautifully. in fact, you've inspired me to do something similar (exactly what, i'm not sure of yet - something involving wood and scrapbooking paper). by the way, fergus is adorable, i understand now why you love spending the time with him that you do. i hope you've had a nice weekend, i will talk to you soon. much love. xo

1:27 AM  

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