Thursday, May 11, 2006

Don't try and understand what you can't comprehend

I have started to be a Mystery Shopper. I'm only on a trial basis and thus the pay is less, but it is still money. By tomorrow, so probably I'll do it tonight (Thursday = late night shopping!), I have to "mystery shop" the local Sanity (music) store. This is fine. In fact, I spend a lot of my time there for free so being paid to do it is so easy. I have to buy something that costs at least $5, and albums, especially at Sanity, are usually $30. So I will be getting Martha Wainwright's ablbum, and am being paid $15 towards it. Yay! Except, the thing is that I have to ask a question. Not just a "do you have this album?" or "what section is this album in?" type of question, but a "it's my sister's birthday and I would like some help choosing what to get her" type of question. Firstly, I don't have a sister so would have to use someone else, and second, I don't need any help in a music store!! If there's any place that I am most in my element it is a music store. When Mum can't find me when we're shopping, I am in a music store. And how am I suppose to ask a question that would direct them towards recommending Martha Wainwright? I can't think of a single question to ask or way in which to ask it that doesn't make me sound like a music fool. And I can't be seen as a music fool. I know music. I can't even just ask what section it is in and to be shown it because everything is together alphabetically, and I can spell. And I can't say that I'm looking for Martha Wainright's CD for a friend and don't know who that is, can you help me because I'm proud of my musical tastes and like to show them off, especially to the people who work in music store. What a dilema!


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