Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Think Pink

I spent yesterday at my Grandma's house. I was in charge of covering her dining chairs while she pressure hosed the cement out the back. The cement is now pretty and white and her chairs are all fancy after having recently been re-stained and now re-covered in a creamy-coloured fabric with a faint stipe and leaf pattern. Grandma then took me to Spotlight for a look around. She ended up buying me more felt, this wooden tissue box cover and the pink scrapbooking paper to cover it. She wouldn't let me pay for it, as it was my payment for the hard work I did with her chairs. I ended up with a sore knuckle from the staple gun, red raw hands from unsrewing all the screws, and a broken staple gun but it was all good. And Poppy was very pleased with the result, saying I should be nominated for Young Achiever of the Year as Best Chair Re-coverer. I just absolutely love my new tissue box though. The paper is fantastic, with two co-ordinating sides so I only had to buy one sheet. I painted the top in magenta to save having to cut around the circle opening, and then I covered an old plastic film canister with some of the left over paper. It's a see-through canister too, so from the inside you can see the smaller pink polka dots. I don't know what it can be used for - pills or M&M's or something. Skittles maybe.

I'm very inspired by these two pages in the new issue of Real Living. Actually, the whole magazine is very good this month. I think I'm going to make cushions like the ones in another picture and I have a whole heap of things to add to the list of things I want from Ikea. It was suppose to be my birthday present last year, to go to Ikea (which is over an hour away), but still I have never been.

And The Days is finished. I was worried that it wouldn't be on yesterday with all the coverage of the Beaconsfield mine rescue, but it was on and the timer worked on my VCR. It's such a good show. Why didn't they make any more?! I'm also now and then amazed by my good luck in flicking the channel just at the right moment, as I was in finding The Days last week. Today I was going through the channels and found Battleplan: Guerilla Warfare. One of my favouritre topics! Most particularly because it concerns my other favourite thing, the Vietnam War. It also covered the Soviet invasion of Afganistan (Sharyn, Russia always makes me think of you) and France and Algeria. It's also important to know that I can't just watch a show, I have to also tape it. But it seems that I have run out of video tapes. I only have 50 or so, but that is evidently not enough. I have filled 5 "Miscellaneous" tapes, and didn't have anything old to tape over so I had to put what I watched today on a "Kennedy" tape after the movie RFK. It's the historian in me that makes me have to keep these things.


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