Monday, May 08, 2006

Why is it that as soon as you find something new to love they take it away? Somehow last week I stumbled upon The Days while I was flicking through the channels, and I absolutely love it! Except, it has all of six episodes. Which means today's is the second last, and tomorrow's the last ever! Here I was thinking I had found something to fill in five afternoons a week and it is finished already. Pfft.

Mum got home last night from her work conference with a whole HEAP of freebies. We will never need to buy a pen again. And she also got paper samples, notebooks, post-its, a computer mouse, paper clips, jelly beans and countless other things. She said to pick what I wanted to keep and she would take the rest to work to give to customers, but I think I just about kept everything! I was very excited by the packing tape and a cute little notebook with a tree on it. Freebies are very nice.


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