Monday, May 15, 2006

For you, whoever you are

Heidi from Eckersley's Arts, Crafts and Imaginations rang me this morning and is giving me a four or five hour trial this Wednesday for a job. Yay. I've never been there so I don't know exactly what it is like but it's an art shop so it can't be bad. I sent my resume there the Friday before last so she got back to me quickly. I should have applied to them three months ago, but then it might not have been meant to be. The thing is though, that I haven't done any one thing for four or five hours since high school, and even then I was going to a different class every 70 minutes and could spend the time passing notes and writing letters. I'm scared that I won't be any good because I don't interact with people that well and I'll have no idea what I'm doing. But I think it might just be instinct. When Heidi rang I found myself saying all the right things and being polite and friendly and I'll be okay if I just try my hardest, right? Eek!

Mother's Day yesterday was lots of fun. I gave Mum her presents - a letter writing set, licorice from Darrell Lea, the cusion I made and was going to give to Grandma, and the poem I wrote. That went better (or worse, or just different) than I expected because it made her cry. And when I gave Grandma hers it made Poppy cry. I didn't think it had cry-worthy material in it. We also gave Grandma some potted crysanthemums, pink slippers and the Doctor Zhivago DVD, which is her favourite movie. She even named her last corgi Lara after the character in the movie (or who I assume is a character in the movie - I've never seen it). I took Mum out to lunch and then we went to Grandma and Poppy's for dinner - fish and chips (though I had a hamburger). Poppy is definitely the best cook.

The other good news from the weekend is that I got a sewing machine!! Grandma was rather impressed with this news as she is a qualified seamstress and can teach me lots of things. Not that three years of Home Ec or everything she's taught me before has been any help. I have shockingly appalling sewing skills. But the machine is very good, with 24 stitches and three different button hole stitches, and a whole heap of diffrent feet that I have no idea what to do with - a zipper foot, a button foot (it can sew on buttons itself?!) and some other ones that were too confusing I don't even remember. So far I'm good at sewing the straight stitch straight (not in circles around what was going to be a pincushion). I already broke a needle - the second day I had the machine!! And I've found that the thrift store is the best place for 30c zippers and cheap bed linen that can be used as fabric. I just need something to make.

And what is quite possibly the best part of a great weekend is that I found Australian oranges whilst doing the groceries. No offence to imported American oranges, but can't we grow our own?! See, the label on the apples and oranges says in big bold letters AUSTRALIAN. But since when do oranges have seeds? Oh well. I've spent the last few weeks of cold weather looking for oranges but refuse to buy American ones. I get more than my fair share of Americanisation from CSI and McDonalds. I think I can eat Australian fruit. There, that's my rant done.


Anonymous sharyn said...

hello you. you write on so many subjects within each post that i have to comment individually. so:

i hope your trial went ok, make sure you let me know how it went (even though i know you will have done wonderfully). and just so you know, if you officially start working in an art shop, i will more than likely die of jealousy.

i love your sewing machine, despite it looking incredibly complex. you will work it out though. and when you do, make sure you tell me about this button foot you've mentioned. like you, i had no idea that was possible.

i think there must be a big difference in the fruit that you get in queensland and what we get down here. oranges here are always australian, that green sticker is the only one i ever see. and oranges with seeds? oranges always have seeds! if yours don't, maybe there is an advantage to those imported ones after all. i hate the seeds. and after all this discussion, i now feel like oranges.

anyway, this is far too long for a blog comment. i'll speak to you soon, i love you. xo

10:59 PM  

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