Monday, May 29, 2006

Materially Yours

Mum and SimbaFriday was Simba's 5th birthday. So in my excitment I put together a little birthday party for him. There wasn't too much fuss made during the day, given that I was too sleepy to get out of bed before he left the house, but after Mum got home from work we had a little celebration to mark the birth of my favouritest little animal. He had balloons and streamers and even a candle in his dinner, not to mention the singing of "Happy Birthday" and the party hats. Oh, the party hats. Doesn't Simba just look the epitome of birthday spirit? Poor baby. He only let us leave it on long enough for a picture (and Mum had to hold him pretty tightly even to get that) then wrestled around until it came off. I stamped and embossed all our names on our own hats, so now we have them for all those special occasions. I know, no wonder the cat hates me.

Before and AfterThen on Saturday morning we went to the recycle markets, where I scooped up many more things including an old leather stool that was ripped up and in need of some TLC. This meant I needed to buy a whole heap of other things that I would need to fix it, including a new staple gun and white spary paint, which lead to Bunnings, which lead to buying even more things that I probably don't need ($82 worth of things actually).

Pantry DoorI'm suppose to be de-cluttering what is fast becoming an over-furnished house, not accumulating more things. So now I have a stool with nowhere to live, to go with the box of uni books with nowhere to live, and the piles of magazines with nowhere to live. Oh, and my new record player that has taken up residence on the floor in front of the TV. What I did buy specifically though for organisation was a piece of wood and three wooden door knobs, which have now become a series of hooks hung on the pantry door. I thought it was a pretty clever idea, though I maybe should have used green paint instead of blue to co-ordinate with my apron and the rest of the kitchen. So those and some sticker numbers for the front of the house (because people seem to be finding it harder to find our house) and a new pot and garden stakes for Mum's sweetpeas were my weekend's projects, and I'm all out of motivation to do anything to fix this messy house.


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