Wednesday, May 24, 2006

There ain't no romance around there

I know - two posts in one day.

I had a dream last night, one of the sorts you wake up still feeling and wish you could go back to sleep and finish. There were all these people from high school, the cool kids, though I'm not sure they were actually them or just them in theory. You know, how you can't see faces. It's left me feeling lost all day.

It is super cold at the moment. 13 degrees celcius below average cold. I couldn't get warm today until I went on an hour walk with Jade around the beaches this afternoon. All morning I just sat in front of the heater with three layers of clothes on and was still freezing. Now I'm sitting in front of the computer with two layers of clothes on and my hands are so cold... well, they're just really cold! I wonder where my mittens are.

It's funny me and Jade. I met her at uni through another semi-uni friend and then Jade and I often saw each other on the bus and then had a class together (Forces of Change in International Politics I believe, and one of my most favourite classes ever). Now that we are finished uni we are keeping in touch and Mum and I run into her and her mum everywhere. I mean everywhere. Every time we're at the shops we see them. They were even helping run the school/church garage sale the other week. Even though I think we're entirely different we are so similar. We have the same tastes - she has the same shoes, earrings and wallet that I do (though I think we both just like to shop at KMart) - and we both live just with our mums. It's nice to have a friend around here, because I was running out of them.

My internet wouldn't work for two days. I couldn't figure out why and as a last resort turned the modem off and on, and now it works. Salvation!


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