Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hair cuts and Break ups

I got my hair cut yesterday. I've had a fringe for the last three years, as well as about the first eight years of my life, so as sick as I was of my hair I still can't bear to grow out the fringe. So instead I got a lot of layers cut into and some length off. Some! Having to have your head down while the back of your hair is being cut is a major ploy on behalf of the hair dresser to get you not to notice that she's doing whatever she wants. When I looked up and noticed she was cutting about 12 centimetres off in places I was shocked. But I find I'm always safe in Deana's hands and it turned out quite nice. Actually, I like it. It's much wavier now that I don't have the length pulling it down and my fringe is side swept instead of straight. It doesn't look as good today, and tomorrow when I wash it I will have no idea how to do whatever it was the Deana did to make it look so good, as is always the way. So this picture will at least act as some sort of reference.

Mum and I saw The Break-Up yesterday as well. It was really good - as Mum said, well acted. As a girl who grew up from the age of nine worshipping Friends and having Jennifer Aniston posters all over my walls I think I'll always like her movies. We also realised we hadn't seen a Vince Vaughn movie before so got out The Wedding Crashers and watched that last night. It was funny, and at least not stupid funny, which I hate. I also like Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams so it was never going to be a completely lost cause. I was also happily surprised today to read that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling have been together in real life since The Notebook. So cute!


Anonymous sharyn said...

your hair looks gorgeous. actually, the last time i got my hair cut (a month or so ago) a similar thing happened to me. i only wanted it trimmed, but because i had left it for so long, it was in such bad condition that a good 10-15cm needed to be taken off it. i'd say that it will teach me to take better care of my hair, but i know it won't. i can't stand going to the hairdresser. (by the way, i wear my fringe swept to the same side that you now do).

in regard to another of your entries, i thought that my temporary pancake obsession was starting to fade, but seeing your pictures made me want them again. if i wake up tomorrow with the urge to make pancakes, i will have to blame you (though i will steal your recipe, so perhaps that makes us even).

take care, and i will talk to you later. lots of love.

8:24 PM  

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