Monday, December 18, 2006

How long?

I haven't posted in a while. The main reason is that everything I've made in the last few months have been for birthday and Christmas presents, so I couldn't put the photos up without the recipients seeing them and ruining their surprise. So now that at least the birthdays are over I can post.

I got the ideas for these from Real Living magazine. I actually only saw tiny letters painted blue with white polka dots spelling the name Ben. And somehow that grew into these. I picked the background (scrapbooking) paper first then worked with the letter designs from there. The "F" is for Fergus and the "P" for Pierce, my little cousins, for Christmas. I also made an "S" for Sharyn for her birthday at the end of November, along with a whole box of other things that I sent down to her. I hope you liked everything, Sharyn!

It seems that everything I love around town is being knocked down at the moment. The old court house across the road from my mum's work was shattered to a million pieces last week. I detest the way they knock things down now. They don't salvage anything, just get a giant machine claw and rip away. I loved the court house. It was very 70s I suppose - orange brick with tiled pilars and a big frangipani tree out the front. All last week people were taking branches from the frangipani to grow elsewhere. At least it will live on.

This house (it's flats actually) was sold at auction last Friday for $3.3 million. It's been on the list of places I will buy and rescue when I become a millionaire, but evidently I didn't get there fast enough. It's called "Harmony Lodge" and was owned by Ma and Pa Bendall, Coast surfing legends. Apparently there was another place called "Harmony Court" next door that was knocked down in 1981 (4 years before I was born), and the entire site used to have a tennis court and a windmill. It's the last site along Bulcock Beach, which is my family's favoured beach, that hasn't been demolished and replaced by units. Last summer the fish and chip shop went and the Salvation Army house was sold but it hasn't actually been turned into anything yet. I think the only old place in the whole of Caloundra that I love and hasn't been knocked down is the bathing shed at Kings Beach. Luckily it's heritage listed and is in the process of being done up. The new pool at Kings Beach open this weekend. It replaced the old lap pool, where I had so many childhood memories. Like cutting my toe when I stood on a piece of glass as I was about to dive in the show Mum how good I was. And being caught out in the rain with Aunty Debbie and Uncle Shane and Jodie and Luke and having to hide under the awnings of the surf club.


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