Monday, August 21, 2006

Baby Blue

Last Thursday I spent the day looking after Jackson. He's 1 and a half, just a few weeks younger than my cousin Fergus, and belongs to my mum's (and my) friend Tracey. Tracey used to work with Mum but hasn't gone back since having Jackson. Only all last week one of the other ladies at work was sick so Tracey filled in Thursday and Friday. This meant Tracey was only down the road if anything went wrong, and it was only 10-3 anyway, which I could probably handle. All on my own.

Of course with lots of new things to play with he pretty much kept himself entertained. He's very well behaved and when he started pulling things off the shelves that he shouldn't have he was very quick to hand them over when asked. We went for a walk around the block for about 20 minutes, which he was impressed with. But he never had a sleep, and he only had one out of three bottles. But all in all it was a lot of fun. One time he slammed his fingers in the kitchen draws (our house isn't very baby safe) and screamed and screamed. But he calmed down quickly with a trick I've been waiting ages to try: the "Oh baby baby baby" trick while bobbing up and down, a la Monica on Friends when newborn baby Emma wouldn't stop crying. He also fell of the couch and cried then, but calmed down again. I'm pleased to say we both ended the day in one piece. I almost had him again on Friday but he went to his dad's house instead. I was a little relieved.

On Saturday morning Jackson and Tracey came back again to pick up his pram and he came straight to me. I obviously hadn't scarred him or scared him away from me. This time next week I'll be with my cousin Fergus in Melbourne so I hope he adjusts and attaches himself to me as quickly.


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