Friday, July 21, 2006

Look through my window, to the streets below

Or, alternatively, straight into the neighbour's front door. This is the rather unattractive outlook from my bedroom window. About a metre to the left of those trees is the neighbour's front door, which looks into their lounge room. Or more alarmingly, their lounge looks right into my bedroom. Usually, this isn't such a big problem - the ugly outlook or the prying eyes. Normally there is a sheer white curtain also hanging behind the green ones. Somehow, for some reason, the other day I was standing at a height that was looking down on the curtains in my mum's room. From this angle I saw that the window was falling out of the wall. Perhaps you might actually say that the part of the window frame that the curtain rod is attached to it coming away from where it should be. So this meant today I've pulled down all the curtains, washed them, taken apart the curtain rods, cleaned the mildew off them, nailed the frame back to the wall (taking a whack at my pointer finger with the hammer - ouch! but I didn't cry) and disguised the nail heads with white paint, then put it all back together. Then I realised this problem might also exist in the lounge room and my room. And it did. So they had to be done too.

The nails aren't disguised as well as this bad photo might suggest. You can actually still see them, but now that the curtains are hanging they're covered anyway. Except now the sheer curtains, that were hanging from a wire strung between the two ends of the curtain rods and is what we figure pulled down the rod and in turn the frame, can't go back up. Hence my awful bedroom window.

In the lounge however, only the sheer curtains are up, pegged to the curtain rod. This room can't be all closed up and dark but still needs privacy, so this is the alternative I came up with. It can't all stay this way (to ugly to live with) so I have to find some other way to safely hang the sheer curtains. Another day. I've had enough home handy woman for one day.


Anonymous Maddy said...

G'day, it's my first time here and I love it.

I hope your finger isn't going to get a nasty bruise, nothing more attractive than black nails :)

My sheer curtain rod is within my window frame, it meant I had to turn the hem up on them but they neatly snuggle into the frame and rest on the sill. Does that make any since at all, I am hopeless at painting mental pictures.

I'll be back for another visit.

9:09 AM  

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