Friday, June 30, 2006

Movie Star Genes

Today my Grandma brought over an envelope full of these photos of her, taken between 1954 - 1956, when she was around the ages of 15/16 to 18/19. Her friend Val, who has been her best friend since then, was cleaning out her cupboards and was going to throw out a bunch of photos she found but her children wouldn't let her. So Val sent these to Grandma, and I had to take them down to be photocopied so I can keep them.

Grandma says this was her Elizabeth Taylor phase, when she dressed everyday to look like Liz. Val and Grandma were doing deportment classes together at one stage during this period of time and a lot of the photos here were ones they took of each other at Kings Beach. Grandma says they're the "pose-y" shots - the two at the very top and the third from the bottom right, were Grandma is sitting on rocks with the ocean behind her. The photocopies aren't as good as the photos, but I put one in a frame that will go in my room. In that one I put in the frame (second bottom row, first on the left) I think Grandma looks like Nicole Kidman, which she doesn't really at all, but she is just so fine featured and pale and the way her hair is falling in front of her face looks so much like Nicole. I'm jealous that my Grandma was so beautiful at this age - movie star glamorous.


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