Thursday, June 22, 2006

The last stitch!

I finally finished sewing the tablecloth I have been making. Actually, that should read measuring, drawing, cutting, sewing, ironing, repeat x40, trying for ages to get the stripes to line up, then sewing a lot more!! It has taken me three days (or is it four? I've completely lost track!) of doing just this endlessly to get it done, with only small breaks to eat lunch and chocolate. When I finished earlier this afternoon I was dancing around the house so excited because I was really happy with the result. It's made out of fabrics I had lying around, and a few of them had to go in the certain order where they are because they were small pieces. The stripes don't coordinate at all but somehow they work perfectly together. It's actually quite large, even though it's 150cmx150cm which doesn't sound very big. I wanted it finished by today so I could use it on the table tomorrow night when my mum is having a Tupperware party. Everyone will think I'm so clever (well, I'm hoping. Everyone who has seen it so far has). It also had to be finished today, on Mum's orders, so I could then put all my sewing stuff away and clean the house for tomorrow night. The house looks so tidy now. I don't think I'd seen the surface of the dining table or kitchen bench in months!


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