Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Checked roses

I've been spending the last two days, or at least different parts of the days, making a table cloth. This doesn't sound too involved, and I too was mislead into thinking it would be easy. Easy, ok maybe. But quick? No sir! It's a like a patchwork quilt, except the patches are actually long strips of different coloured fabric. I don't have 10 matching fabrics to make a well-coordinated cloth so it's rather a mish-mash of colours and patters. And that's not even the worst part. Try making four 10cm x 150cm strips with a 30cm ruler. None of them turned out even remotely the same size but that will add to that home made feel (yeah sure). Each strip decreases in length by 16cm as you go and I'll end up with four triangles that are sewed together to make a 150 x 150cm table cloth.

This photo is rather misleading also, as it makes it look as if the colours go check/roses/check/roses and so on. It's actually four separate pieces side by side. Next is navy then somewhere down the line there are red flowers, a turquoise swirly pattern, plain turquoise, and some others I don't remember. I've taken over the kitchen, as you can see, which adds to me having taken over the dining room with my sewing machine and the rest of the mess that goes with it, and the floor in the hall being covered in the rest of the fabrics I'm using for this. It makes the whole house messy because the kitchen, dining room and lounge are all actually the same room and there's nowhere to hide anything. As if our house isn't small and cramped enough.


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