Friday, June 23, 2006

The Strokes

The Strokes! l-r: Albert, Fab, Julian, Nikolai & Nick
I have just booked tickets for myself and my friends Steph and Jim to see The Strokes at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Thursday August 3 at 7.50pm. Section 13 Row H Seats 122-120. I'm such a screaming, giddy little girl when it comes to rock stars. I saw The Strokes with Steph at the Big Day Out in 2004, and Steph, Jim and I went to a concert together before when we saw Silverchair in 2003. It will be great!! Now after spending the morning booking tickets, burning The Strokes' CDs (because Jim hasn't heard any and Steph hasn't heard the latest) and rearranging the lounge room for Mum's tupperware party, I have to go get out of my pyjamas.

Harry Kewell and Tim Cahill celebrateUPDATE: In other news, which I forgot to mention earlier, Australia - The Socceroos - has made it to the second round of the World Cup for the first time ever, after qualifying for the first time in 32 years. We beat Japan, lost to Brazil, and tied with Croatia. Ranked number 42 in the world, we're now in the final 16. Suddenly, I'm soccer (sorry, "football") obsessed!


Anonymous sharyn said...

i'm so happy for you, getting to see the strokes. i'm a total screaming girl when it comes to rock stars too. it's just unfortunate that all my favourites are dead.

or maybe it's lucky. i don't have the money to follow rock stars around the country, though i can't think of many better things to spend my life doing.

maybe i should just forget uni and become a groupie instead. you could come too, we could scream at rock gods together.


4:18 PM  

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