Friday, July 07, 2006

Sugar bowls and mugs

Sharyn and I were talking the other night about our growing collection of kitchen inhabitants, namely mugs. It seems we both both take delight in collecting these things, but don't use them. So we've made a date to one day have a dinner party or fancy breakfast (with pancakes by me) and use all the plates, glasses, mugs and sugarbowls that sit idly in the cupboards. I recently bought a milk jug while op shopping only to come home and realise I already had a much prettier one (see picture) that also matches my sugar bowl. I mentioned to Sharyn about how the fates tried their hardest to take away my gorgeous sugar bowl the second after I bought it by forcing a gust of wind to tip over a stand of clothes that landed on my arm/hand and broke the sugar bowl and cut my hand. Luckily it glued back together well enough.

When I went to the cupboard where my mugs etc live to take these photos I found that two cockroaches had taken up residence inside (but since died) and left cockroach dirt through my plates and cups. So they and the inside of the cupboard had to be washed. I must also learn to be more careful with piles of mugs, as they're inclined to tip over. I must have knocked over or kicked these two piles of my great grandmother's mugs from a tea set about 5 times, and each time shreaked in fear that they would shatter into a million pieces. But they didn't. Evidently being dropped on linoleum covered cement floors isn't such a bad thing for crockery when it's not from too great a height, but I won't try it again.

I tried my hand at baking today. I can mostly cook meals, dinner and such, but I rarely have luck at baking. I made banana walnut bread and it turned out pretty okay, it even tastes alright. I also picked up a box of scone making stuff that you just add milk to. Hopefully that'll work out alright because I love scones with jam and cream.


Anonymous sharyn said...

your mug collection (second photo) made me smile because my parents actually have a set almost exactly like that, in similar colours (when i was little i could never get over the fact that they were a set, but each a different colour). my mum rarely uses them - i don't think she likes them much, but i always did.

i have to learn to be careful with my mugs and plates too, especially the old ones with sentimental value. i am too careless and almost always breaking things.

i'm glad to hear you have been baking. i am still in my baking phase, although i haven't made much since i spoke to you last. the process has been held up by my running out of eggs and being too lazy to go to the shops to buy more. i hope your scones work out well. i love them with jam and cream too. we will have to have some at our dinner party. incidentally, i have been learning how to make jam, so we will be very prepared.

anyway, since i have even more to say to you, i am now going to go and work on writing you a letter. i love you heaps, and hopefully we can catch up soon.


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