Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Owls Hoot

This is my newest craft imagining and what I've been doing since the end of last week. This owl picture came about today after I copied the birds off a bag in the new Frankie magazine. Last week I did a dress design and have started a baby themed design in a frame with five different compartments. They've all got painted white op shop frames - that will be their trademark. This owl one turned out a little too country with the plaid background but it's the only fabric that co-ordinated. They don't take long at all to make once you have to design, it's just a bit of cutting (with fantastic new $2.49 dressmaker scissors!!) and some messy glueing. All very easy to duplicate a few times over if I decide to do the market things. The picture didn't turn out well because it's night and the flash was a bit overpowering, getting caught in the laminating plastic (not glass, as it was an op shop find that didn't come with anything).


Anonymous sharyn said...

i'm glad you posted a photo, as you said you would. i love the picture, the owls are adorable. i absolutely love owls, they're one of the only types of birds i actually like.

new frankie magazine? do you mean a new issue which has come out recently? i can never keep track of that magazine, being every three months or whatever it is. i will check tomorrow though, now that you have mentioned it. i like that magazine alot.

love you.

11:02 PM  

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