Thursday, July 20, 2006

Retro Polka Dots

This is an old work shirt of my mum's that she has given me to use in my sewing. It has since been cut up and used to make a headband that didn't end up fitting. It looks really cute and retro too but the fabric has absolutely no give and also is slippery so it just falls out of my hair. Oh well. I'll make another with the green fabric, and I'm also going to try to copy this purse that is my absolute favourite purse ever, only I don't use it because I have too much stuff to fit in it. I broke about the fifth needle on my sewing machine since I've had it this morning. I've only had it three months.

I bought this necklace the other week for $2 on sale. I should have bought a heap of them just so I could use the beads and trinkets for other things. I could not get a focused photo of it no matter what I did. I think my camera is more temperamental than I am. I have an idea to make a necklace that is made out of fabric and beads, or ribbon and beads, and would therefore not require the use of pliars. In Just Jeans yesterday all the clothes were styled so cutely, layers of polka dots on top of layers of checks. And they had these necklaces, which I think I can make and not have to pay $20 for. Let's see how I go.


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