Sunday, July 09, 2006

Coloured Smidgets

Yesterday Mum and I eventually made it to the craft show - the Suncoast Stitches, Craft and Hobby Expo. It wasn't as big as going to the ones in Brisbane, but then I always get bored at those ones and whine constantly until it's time to come home. This one only took about an hour to look through, and though everything was cute or well made it was also very expensive. Lots of the stalls were selling the same things - quilts and quilting materials mostly - but a few were stand outs. One was all doll house furniture and I wanted to take everything home. Another was where I got these brads - what before yesterday were known to me as those pins you push through paper and split the back open to fasten the pages together. But apparently they are in fact brads. The little yellow hearts have tiny white hearts printed on them and the pink stars have white stars printed on them. I also got 35 metres of 6mm wide mauve ribbon for $2.50 and a little bit of white lace to add to my felt pictures.

The little Tupperware containers (called Smidgets), above, arrived on Friday - my order from Mum's party. They're so cute and such adorable colours. As a free gift for hosting the party Mum got a pastry set, which I claimed before she had even had the party. It was a mat for rolling out your dough or pastry on, a rolling pin, and a plastic piping bag with about 5 different nozzles. I used the rolling pin and mat today to make scones, and next I'll have to make make something with fancy icing.

I put the Friends Scene It game on layby yesterday at KMart, after on Thursday night going to do the same thing only to have a lady tell us that she had bought it that day for $48 from Big W, when KMart was selling it, on sale, for $55. So yesterday morning we went all the way to Kawana to go to Big W, only to find it was $68 there! I hope the woman paid that much extra for making us go all that way for nothing. I don't know how long it'll stay on layby because I really want to play it now. I want to see how many answers I know. Surely those years of collecting Friends magazine articles, posters, calendars, pencil cases, videos and now the DVDs will be good for something.

My grandparents are away in Melbourne staying with my aunt and uncle and baby Fergus. So we have been going over there and collecting the mail and checking on Charlie (the bird). Thursday night we ended up staying and watching Gilmore Girls on cable, then last night there was nothing on TV at home so we took our chicken over and cooked dinner there while hoping there would be something to watch on their TV. We watched National Treasure with Nicolas Cage which was very good and then had to stay till 7.30 to watch One Tree Hill. They're past the episodes that were on Channel 10, so I was confused because I didn't know what was happening and angry because Channel 10 won't show more than 2 episodes before cutting it off complaining of low ratings. At least I have Veronica Mars and The OC to get my teenage drama fix.


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