Monday, July 10, 2006

Vanilla Cupcakes, in various shades

These are the cupcakes I made today. I was a little hesitant about baking them, because I really didn't see a need for 24 cupcakes. That's how many the recipe said the amount of ingredients would yeild. Turns out, it made 42!! I surely can't eat all of those, so they will be sent off in batches to Mum's work, my uncle and various other places until I'm left with a small enough number that won't be wasted. It seems I've been hit by the baking bug, but without the appetite to match. I still have scones and banana walnut bread left from last week's cooking, and once my current craving for Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate has passed I'm sure I won't want anything sweet for at least another year.

The icing didn't turn out as in the recipe, but then I didn't really follow the instructions (I couldn't bear the thought of any more butter in one little cupcake). So it was a bit runny but set beautifully glossy, like a glazed donuts. And the colours are so pretty - inspired by my new love affair with pastels, and the purple and lemon were especially for Sharyn (if only they would mail alright, then I could send another batch to you). You can't see the blue ones in this picture, but they are the most perfect blue ever. Sadly though I ran out of patty cake pans and they cooked in rather an awkard shape (like the lemon one in the middle of this picture - the one that looks like a fried egg).

I really think that is enough baking, at least for this week. I don't have enough plain flour, self-raising flour, white sugar or vanilla essense left anyway.


Anonymous sharyn said...

42 cupcakes!? my god. i was already planning to halve the ingredients when i make these myself, but after this i may be bringing that down to a quarter. as long as they taste nice though, i'm sure you will get through them.

the purple and lemon coloured icing is just perfect. i don't care what anyone else says, making coloured icing is one of the most exciting parts of baking cakes, if not the most.

i am still working on your letter. hopefully it will be ready soon. in the meantime, i hope we can talk soon.

love you. xo

9:37 PM  

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