Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fours and Fives, for fun.

I have been reading backwards through the new blogs I've come across, and found these questions answered by Curious Bird, in posts indexed "For Fun". They're two different surveys, and I wasn't tagged by anyone. I just have nothing else to do. I'll try to think of things that no one reading this would already know about me, which means things that Sharyn wouldn't already know. And that is hard.

Four Jobs You Have Had in Your Life
- fish and chip shop kitchenhand
- office supplies shop stocktaker

Four Movies You Could Watch Over and Over
- You've Got Mail
- Suddenly 30
- Independence Day
- Terminator 2

Four Places You've Lived
- Caloundra, Queensland, Australia
- Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia

Four TV Shows You Love to Watch
- Law & Order: SVU
- Lost
- News Hour with Jim Lehrer

Four Places You've Been on Vacation
- Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
- Cairns, Queensland, Australia
- Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia
- Stradbroke Island, Queensland, Australia

Four Websites You Visit Daily/Almost Daily
- Plump Pudding
- Hotmail
- Sydney Morning Herald TV page
- Internet Bumper Stickers (especially the politics page)

Four of Your Favorite Foods
- Grandma's roast dinner
- Strawberries
- Salt and vinegar chips
- Home made enchiladas

Four Albums You Cannot Live Without
- Classic Dusty Springfield (these days anyway)
- The Doors Legacy
- Fleetwood Mac Rumours
- The Essential Simon & Garfunkel

Four Vehicles You've Owned
- I haven't

Five minutes to yourself, how would you spend them, ideally
Ideally, laying in the sun in Hyde Park in Sydney with Sharyn, reading an imported magazine I've bought from Borders. :)

Five bucks to spend right now, how would you spend it?
If only that would pay for a magazine. Maybe a really yummy flavoured tub of ice cream.

Five items in your house you could part with, right now, that you hadn't thought of already
I can't think of anything. I'm a hoarder, so I don't part with anything.

Five items you absolutely, positively could never part with in your house
- Family photo albums
- my CDs
- my books
- uni notebooks
- TV (Can I have one more? The computer, with the internet).

Five words you love
- Simba
- onomatopeia
- no
- actually
- probably


Anonymous sharyn said...

i loved reading this. i have to say i did know alot of it, but there were a few things i didn't. i didn't know you'd been to melbourne before. i've never been. what was it like?

i love your ideal five minutes plan. when you come here that is what we will be doing, but for much, much longer than just five minutes. i also like the sound of that tub of ice cream. i have been feeling like ice cream a lot lately, regardless of the cold.

i'm tempted to do this survey, but i have nowhere to post it. i think you know most of these things about me anyway.

love you heaps and i'll talk to you soon. xo

5:28 PM  

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