Monday, August 14, 2006

Boating on a Saturday

On Saturday Mum and I went boating with my Grandma and Poppy. Pop is still wearing in the boat (though we got it up to its first 10 hours with our afternoon trip) so there was a lot of throttle and not much warning. Once I got over the need to hold on for dear life I had fun. Grandma didn't quite like when Poppy did really fast 360s, or when we suffered a gigantic bump crossing another boat's wash.

I took this photo at half time - when we had to come back to shore after about two hours for a bathroom break and a top up of petrol. I LOVE the pelicans (and the seagulls too for that matter). You see less and less of them around these days because the council has taken to putting spikes on top of all the light posts - where you used to see most of the pelicans perching. But as this photo shows, they still like to hang around where the fisherman clean their fish.

Where we went "boating" (as I'm now fond of saying) is called Pumicestone Passage. It's the water between the mainlain and Bribie Island, which runs from the end of Caloundra down towards Brisbane. Ish. It's not really that long. This picture was taken from the boat looking back towards Caloundra, over a sandbank which gets bigger every day and almost now joins Bribie. Aren't there a lot of buildings now? The one right in the middle - Westaway Tower - used to be the tallest building in town (and the only one). It sits on a giant hill, but still pales in comparison nowadays. I think it probably still holds the title of tallest though.
Lots more photos at Flickr.


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