Tuesday, August 08, 2006

See, I'm stuck in a city but I belong in a field

Last Thursday I made the trip on the bus, train and a couple more buses to Brisbane to meet up with Steph and Jim to go the The Strokes concert. The concert was beyond words and I, even now, can't string a sentence together in describing it. Other than, I'm a sucker for a rock star. Even better - five of them. Cameras are banned at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, so I've been reliving the experience through photos I've found on the net from people's camera phones (smart people!).

Then Friday morning Steph and I made it back into the city from her house a few suburbs away and walked around (a lot) until we found ourselves at Southbank for lunch and these photos.

Top to bottom: me, her, feet, city.

I already knew I wasn't a city person, but this trip has so much reinforced that opinion.


Anonymous sharyn said...

hello darling.

first of all, i'm so glad you enjoyed the concert. and even if it involved bad feelings, it is probably a good thing that you not being a city person was reinforced by the trip. at least you know where you stand firmly on that subject, which is important.

brisbane looks nice, from what i can see in the photographs. i think they are the only photographs i have ever seen of brisbane, so luckily they've made a good impression. the water looks nice; it reminds me of sydney harbour, which always looks nice when the sun is shining (and miserable when it isn't).

speaking of the photographs, are they your green shoes (on the left)? i have fallen in love with them. i'm looking for new shoes at the moment, but can't find any i like. i never can.

i will email you soon, once i get the chance to sit down and write something worth sending.

love you.

10:19 PM  

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