Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back to the Net

Oh internet, I've missed you! Not that I did a very good job of keeping away. It's so hard, especially when you need to look up something little, like a conversion or some actor's name on imdb.com. Plus I couldn't keep away from blogs. But I ended up offline for a whole two days. However, my internet quota still ended up at 107%, which is about $10 extra for the month. I'm thinking about getting unlimited download, but not really sure I can justify $69.95 a month.

This is Jackson. On Sunday Mum and I spent the morning with him and his mum, Tracey. We walked down from our house to the markets in the main street and stopped for coffee and a snack at the bakery. When we got back home Jackson decided it would be a fun game to pull all my DVDs off the shelf. He only wanted to do it so he could put them back, but it still meant he had to slam them on the floor first. Apparently it was very funny watching me shreik in horror as he threw them down. It was very nice being around a baby, and made me not want to wait another second to go down and visit my baby cousin Fergus, which we're actually doing at the end of this month. Jackson's only a few weeks younger than Fergus, though I'm not sure Fergus has started walking yet, which Jackson has. Walking, I've found, is not actually a good thing. They go around picking things up and making a mess and I have to go around putting everything back!

I went to the library this morning to get out some new books. I took back a bunch that were overdue (naughty me!) so had to get more. One is called The Golden Age of Advertising - The 50s and is completely full of old ads - no writing, no borders or fancy presentation. It's just an ad to a page. Some of them are so funny too. I always think cigarette ads are weird because you haven't been able to advertise them here since before anything I'd remember, and the ads about atomic bomb-resistant housing are so laughable (though very cute in design). The other books I got out were The Idiot's Guide to Communism, Kids Quilts in a Weekend, Frank Lloyd Wright: Inside and Out, Deckstyle and an Oprah magazine. They'll keep me busy for a while.


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