Wednesday, August 09, 2006

As further evidence of my current obsession, The Strokes have taken pride of place on the fridge - amongst the photos of the cat and random polaroids (speaking of, I haven't used my polaroid camera in the longest time!). The only other non-family, or 'non-real life', person to get on the fridge is Sharon Tate. I've also been listening to The Strokes' three albums on repeat (with one Kings of Leon thrown in for variety) since Monday. And when I'm not listening to them, I'm singing it all in my head. The soundtrack to yesterday's pulling out of weeds by the side fence: "Heart in a Cage".

Since I've been in the musical mood I've barely done any crafting. I had to finish off sewing the tissue covers I started last week, but other than that: ZILCH. I even put away everything that had been covering the kitchen bench for about a week and a half. That in itself caused more trouble though, because it meant there is now, once again, room for cooking. But how come nothing ever turns out like the pictures in the cook book, or in this case the picture in Real Living magazine? It's baked caramel cheescake, but without the caramel. I'd never had baked cheescake before and I'm not sure I like it.


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