Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Paper dresses catch on fire

At Spotlight on the weekend I decided I wanted to find a pattern to make a summer top, perhaps something in the baby doll fashion or something similar to one I had from Jay Jays, but that I'm convinced they stole when our house was broken into and robbed last year. Evidently, patterns aren't very modern! No, I don't want something with shoulder pads or large buttons circa 1990. Instead this pattern is as close I could find to anything I would actually wear. And I'm going to make the dress, not the top. It looks sufficiently 2006 and will be very nice on a summer's day.

This picture is what actually convinced me. I'd probably use a similar fabric. I did see a white emroidery englaise with little bumble bees on it that would also be nice, but perhaps not in my budget. I truely can't make myself spend over $4 a metre. Anything else seems far too extravagent, which is why you'll find me in the sale section (and NOT in the $6 section of the sale fabrics). I didn't actually buy any fabric. Or even the pattern for that matter. But I have a list of all the things I'll need to embark on my first sewing project that may result in something I can wear (at least, the first thing since Home Ec).

For this dress I also need thread, one 9" (23cm) zipper, one hook and eye set and 0.15m of non-fusible interfacing. How ambitious of me! We'll see how I go. And if it ends up fitting after I've cut the fabric.


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