Friday, September 29, 2006

Long Time, No Write

I realise that I very rarely write in here anymore. I don't really write anywhere. Not in my blog, not in my livejournal, not in my TV blog that when I started I was very committed to. Either I'm very lazy or very busy. I think it's varying degrees of both.

Yes, I have actually been doing things that have made my life busy. I have even been leaving the house. Everything always happens at the same time, doesn't it? So one week not long ago all the mahem started and it hasn't stopped since. In that week I had two job interviews, to interviews at Cadet, and one appointment for the repair man to come and fix our TV ratings box. That meant I had something to do every day of the week, and for someone who rarely does one thing in an entire seven days this was very much a culture shock. It then continued last week when I started working at the Kawana Library two days a week and also spent a day applying to a local property and development group and talking to the human resource co-ordinator from there on the phone for the afternoon.

This week has probably been by far the worst, at least on myself physically. I had an in-person interview at this property group on Monday morning, for which I decided to wear horrendous shoes that never stay on. I knew this fact, but decided to wear them anyway. Big mistake. The interview was fine by the way, but then I had to work in the library for the rest of the day. In my horrendous shoes. I didn't get home until about 6 at night, dragging my shoes behind me as I finally walked up the driveway and was home. HOME! I was very much looking forward to doing nothing on Tuesday. I had planned to clean the house and start working on Sharyn's mobile and maybe watch The Breakfast Club or a few more episodes of Gilmore Girls. But then Nadia rang up, the lady I had an interview with the day before, and asked if I would like to come in as one of the receptionists was sick and I could help them out a little and watch what the other girls did and if see if I would like it. Only I ended up on the phone all day, answering a million and one calls and putting them through to 80 different people throughout the building. Have I ever mentioned how much I despise the telephone? I purposely avoid it in my home life and, though there are two in the house now, can only very rarely be found answering one (and when I do, it's only because I recognise the number on caller ID).

So a million and one phone calls and five and a half hours later I was finally given reprieve by being volunteered to help some girl from some other part of the building who had to open about a hundred already-sealed envelopes because a tax letter had been forgotten to be put in all of them. That was more to my liking. It was then 5 o'clock and I went in and spoke to Nadia and told her that this was not what I wanted to be doing and if it's all they have I don't want to be there. Riding the bus home I was very unsure about what I had done and whether I'd just made the biggest mistake ever. But the further the bus drove away from Maroochydore and towards home the more I knew it's the only thing I could do. It may have been the idealistic 21-year-old, 'won't waste my life doing someting I don't enjoy' in me, but I couldn't live in that hell 38 hours a week. Even at $17.02 an hour.

On Wednesday I worked at the library again, which I'm really enjoying. I even enjoy shelving, up until the point where not a single other book will fit on the shelf where it's suppose to be and you have to move a hundred other books down a shelf so that it will fit. I mostly do shelving and tidying and jobs for Trish, the librarian, and everyone there is pretty nice. Trish is the nicest - absolute heaven to work for and with. She gave me a lift home on my first day and let me off early on Wednesday because a giant storm was coming.

Now that it's the end of the week I've finally had two days in a row off to do nothing. I watched The Breakfast Club and Gilmore Girls, and have started Sharyn's mobile. I borrowed the Gilmore Girls DVDs from Renae. She even let me keep Season 5 the day she bought it while we were shopping together. It was very good to watch as only the first few episodes have been on TV here so it was a new and exciting experience. Watching Season 1 back though is weird. Kirk's name started out Mick or something and Luke's diner was all wrong. And Max Madina completely bores me. I'm glad Lorelai gave him the flick.

My cousins Kate and Tess our down at the moment with their mum, my aunty Lisa, and staying at my grandparents'. It was Tess's 10th birthday on Wednesday so we had dinner with them. It's always so lovely to see them and be a kid with Tess. Oh, to have an excuse to bash people up. But it's never fun when she sticks her finger in your ear. Ewe!

Here are Kate and Tess. This photo was taken last December at my 21st birthday dinner.


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