Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I know I'm very neglectful of this blog. I make no apologies because I know I'll do the same thing again. I've been neglectful of most things so far in 2007. I haven't crafted a day in the last month. I've baked - a carrot cake here and there and today I'm attempting ice cream. Mostly it's too hot to do anything. I would love for summer to be over. Or at least, for it to cool down a few degrees. The last week has been much too warm. The sun is absolutely lethal and the only thing you can do inside is sit under and in front of (at the same time) a fan and sit still - ideal conditions for watching TV or being on the computer.

I have been hit by the decorating bug though. Big time. I decided the batchroom needed updating so went through past issues of Real Living to find inspiration. That resulted in a total of $7 spent and now a whole lot more bench space and overall cleaner, more open feeling. Just don't mention all the other money I spent at the recycle market when I was only looking for a silver tray and glass jars. Also went through and threw out everything that had expired and all the lotions I've never used and perfumes I made my mum buy me when I was about 16 and never wore.

Saturday we had a garage sale, all the proceeds of which I spent at the market and next door's garage sale. I thought I got a bargain when Dawn let me have a green tea cup and saucer and a few picks from her old silver cutlery set for $4. Then at the end of the day when the rest didn't sell she gave me the entire cutlery set, plus everything else that was in the box - silver sugar bowl and milk jug, random splades and parfait spoons. The silver service was a wedding gift, so is from 1969. It's Rodd silver too, and the design is Stardust. I spent the rest of the day cleaning it. Google was very helpful and found me a site that recommended lining a baking dish with alfoil and covering the cutlery with boiling hot water and sprinkling that with baking soda to make up a rather foul smelling concoction that wiped the tarnish right off. I'm now the very proud owner of my own dinner service, which lives in a drawer.

This was the second stage of my decorating over the weekend. I've always wanted a table for a computer desk, rather than the ugly old grey thing we had before that, while taking up a lot of room and looking bulky, actually gave you no room at all. I got the table from the recycle market. So yes, when I went for glass jars I came home with something much larger. I was a little disenchanted when I got the table in the room as I couldn't find a way to fill it or work out which side the monitor should go on. It worked out though. And doesn't look messy. It makes the room a lot more open and the white of the table top makes it a lot more attractive than the old yucky grey. The top is slightly curved on all sides too - it's not a wonky photo. So this is where I write to the world from.

On a final note, this is Simba quite a few weeks back when we took down the Christmas tree. He loves new boxes. Anything that he can get in will keep him entertained, even if it is just a new place to sleep. He's rather tuckered out today. He stayed out last night, just lying on the brick fence to catch whatever breeze crept by. So now he's sleeping here by the door, all spread out and feeling the heat, I'm sure.

P.S I've also applied to do a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing from the University of Southern Queensland, through distance education. It only goes for a year and is two subjects a semester. I sent off all the documentation they needed today so hopefully will hear from them soon (and favourably) and start March 5.


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